Coco up Your Day!

Refreshing. Fruity. Pure.
The new Tropicai Coconut Water.
One bottle Tropicai King Coconut Water
holds the water of one whole
King Coconut, pure or with fresh fruit.

The versatile world of the

Coconut... Tropicai Virgin Coconut Oil, a delicious cold pressed coconut oil; be inspired by the Coconut Blossom Vinaigrettes and try crunchy coconut chips - caramelized with coconut blossom sugar.
Welcome to the world of the Coconut Gourmets!

Backing with the coconut

Whether sweet or spicy pastry -
cakes, tarts, pralines, quiches or gluten free pastry.
Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour and our aromatic Creamed Coconut
enrich your culinary everyday life with a hint of the exotic.

    • about us

      We are pioneers since 2004 for fine food from coconut pulp and the coconut blossom sap.

    • vision

      Coconut delicacies that we enjoy and provide a livelihood to many families in the Tropics.

    • inspirations

      ... sweet, exotic or local, we have created inspiring recipes for you!

    newest info
    about us

    Tropicai is direct importer of organic coconut products, like Virgin Coconut Oil, a cold pressed and pure coconut oil, glutenfree coconut flour and coconut chips from a Fair Trade USA certified producer in the Philippines and products from fresh coconut blossom sap, like coconut sugar, coconut blossom syrup and coconut blossom vinaigrettes made from fermented and aged coconut blossom vinegar from a Ecocert Fair Trade project.