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The best of the
Coconut Blossom

Everybody knows the coconut, but have you ever heard of the coconut blossom?

Every coconut palmtree develops 10 to 12 inflorences per year, the coconut blossom. Carefully cut you can harvest its versatile, fruity-sweet sap, which surprises us with a completely different aroma than the coconut itself.Syrup, sugar or vinaigrettes – we are not only fans of the unique taste, but also of its nutritional values. Find out more about the coconut blossom and the precious unique products obtained therefrom.

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The best of the

From the coconut blossom grows the coconut with its white pulp and unique flavor that is known all over the world. But also its nutritional value is remarkable.

Be it high-fiber coconut flour, tasty, substantial coconut paste or premium-quality coconut oil – we are absolutely excited about what this fruit has to offer and all the different products that can be made from it. Would you like to know more? Click here for more information on production, usage and taste.

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smoothies & drinks
King Coconut Water Jelly with Champagne
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Coconut water meets champagne – an icredibly refreshing combination.            
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vegetables & vegetarian
Gazpacho extra
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Summer isn´t complete without a gazpacho. The Andalusian soup originates from the Moors. We have...
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barbecue & sauces
Delicate coconut-basil-pesto
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Coconut Mediterranean-style? Why not? This vegan pesto is our favorite with pasta and barbecue. Surprise...
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backing & patisserie
Coconut-Pineapple Granola
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We at Tropicai love to start the day with crispy granola – how about you?...
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