Our Team.

joy in good food and beverages.

Willkommen im Tropicai Team,

Thanks for wanting to find out more about the people behind the scenes at Tropicai. Who, apart from our partners on the Philippines and Sri Lanka, are the colorful crowd Christine Grotendiek has gathered around her. Just like our product range the team has constantly increased in numbers since 2004 and each and every one of them has added their own personal flavor to Tropicai.

Christine Grotendiek

senior management

Christine is the heart and soul of Tropicai. She founded Tropicai in 2004 because she also wanted to enjoy the coconut products, she had become so fond of in the Philippines, back home in Germany. Ever since then she has not made a dish that didn´t contain at least one of these products, be it potatoes, salads, pickles – the more coconut the better.

Ulrike Straub


Our dearest Ulrike has been with us from the start. She´s in charge of marketing and design and is responsible for Tropicai´s media appearance. Always in a good mood, you can sometimes hear her contagious laughter throughout the office.

Jan Fuchs

quality manager

Jan aka ”Encyclopedia Britannica” is the man in charge of Tropicai´s quality management. Jan has detailed knowledge about the coconut products, their origin and certifications – and also about everything else. If we dine with him we all find that not only has our hunger for food been satisfied, but also our thirst for knowledge.

Sabine Grund


Diligent, pleasant and incredibly reliable – three of many more great qualities that sum up Sabine. She´s responsive, agile and always a step ahead – not only at Tropicai but also on the tennis court. Together with Jessica they are a great mixed double at sales and strong servers for Tropicai.

Sonja Lang und Marion Hitzler


Contrary to popular belief there´s nothing dull about accounting – at least not at Tropicai, where Sonja and Marion are working with the numbers. Nevertheless, these two meticulously and accurately ensure that the wheels keep turning - smoothly - just like coconut oil.

Lukas Moehnle


Lukas, aka Luko, is a jack of all trades. Unsurpassed what flexibility and dynamics are concerned he works in various areas at Tropicai. You will also find him wherever and whenever there is something exciting or funny to do.

Katharina Mlodoch


Katharina is our product manager and helps develop coconut delicacies from the earliest stages onwards. As a passionate cook she tries all sorts of different things in the kitchen and is thus able to create new exciting products for Tropicai.

Michael Debler


The grinning Bavarian. Always in a good mood, he will gladly philosophize about football and the October Fest. At Tropicai he´s in charge of controlling or as one of his friends put it: “You´re working in the coconut aren´t you?” Yep, that´s right! Michael is indeed working in the coconut.