Coconut blossom sugar & syrup

low GI

Sweet sisters - coconut blossom sugar & coconut blossom sirup.

Tropicai´s coconut blossom sugar and coconut blossom syrup are two stars made of the same blossom. The coconut blossom grows again every month and presents us with a refreshingly sweet juice that is rich in minerals.

Against all expectations it does not taste like coconut at all. Instead it surprises us with its´ fruity and caramel-like flavor.



6 characteristics of the coconut blossom sugar & sirup:

  • Low glycemic index
  • High potassium content
  • Made from fresh coconut blossom juice
  • All-natural organic product
  • Most sustainable sweeteners
  • Coconut blossom syrup has extreme sweetening power (less is more)
Coconut blossom sugar & sirup - what to do with it? In german!

You could easily substitute your household sugar with our coconut blossom sugar. It´s not as sweet as household sugar but instead has a wonderful hint of caramel. The more important thing though is that additionally to its sweetness it also contains other nutrients, that household sugar doesn´t. It´s especially delicious in coffee, however you could use it to sweeten desserts, make confectioners ‘sugar, pastries or smoothies. You can use it whenever you want a light note of wonderful caramel.

Contrary to their names neither of these products taste of coconut at all – just like a cherry blossom doesn´t taste like a cherry!
By nature it boasts a fruity flavor with a hint of caramel and nutritional-physiological characteristics that never cease to amaze us.
It´s a natural commodity that not enough people know of yet.

Coconut blossom syrup has a wonderful fruity taste with a hint of caramel.
Coconut blossom sugar on the other hand tastes completely of caramel due to the crystallization.


Our producers make sure that the fresh coconut blossom sap is extracted and processed at least 4 to 5 times a day, which means an extra workload and more effort for our farmers. During harvest it is often the case that the sap is extracted only once or twice a day and processed in the evening or the next day (mostly Indonesian and Thai sugar). Coconut blossom juice starts to ferment after 5 hours at the most. As a consequence these manufacturers have to use additives and other means to inhibit fermentation. Thus they cut back on the workload but also on quality. So beware of cheap coconut blossom sugar. This sweet gold with its minerals, low glycemic index and its delicate flavor just has its worth.

because it tastes so much better and still contains less fructose, because it is the most sustainable sugar, because it is not refined (see seventh point) and because it naturally contains minerals, such as potassium (alkaline), selenium and iron that remain unchanged.


It´s also a syrup, that´s true…just made of coconut blossom sap which is very rich in minerals.

Coconut blossom syrup of Tropicai quality is more than just a sweetener. With its unique fruity, caramel-like flavor and its almost creamy texture it enhances the taste of nearly every dish, be it sweet or savoury. Whether you use it to caramelize onions, as a topping for your dessert, in dressings or over your morning muesli – a special note is guaranteed.

Regular household sugar consists of 100% sucrose. Sucrose is a disaccharide that our body has to break down in two monosaccharides so it can be transported into our blood. Coconut blossom sugar consists of 88% sucrose and additionally contains protein, dietary fibers and potassium.
Coconut blossom sugar doesn´t cause your blood glucose to rise as much or as quickly as regular household sugar. It holds your blood sugar level at a somewhat more constant level over a longer period of time, which prevents you from sudden listlessness and cravings.


The coconut tree remains and usually lives up to 100 years. During the harvest of the blossom sap it suffers no damage whatsoever. The blossom from which the coconut normally grows is being cut and the precious juice is extracted high in the treetop. Blossoms that were cut back completely grow back within 6-8 weeks thus allowing a regular, natural and gentle harvest.

There are no classic plantations or farms as such which would require a lot of cultivation, fertilization and use of pesticides.

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