Coconut blossom vinaigrette

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Coconut blossom vinaigrette –
this sauce is an insider tip.

Our Tropicai coconut blossom vinaigrette puts the finishing touches to your favorite meals without the typical coconut aroma but with a fruity note. The valuable ingredients, the manual skills, the careful production and the maturing time make this sauce a unique delicacy.

It is a true all-rounder and perfect to season salads, soups, gravies and marinades. We at the Tropicai premises always have a bottle standing on the lunch table, because coconut blossom vinaigrette has become a staple for us.

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7 Characteristics of coconut blossom vinaigrette:

  • Oil-free
  • Traditionally produced in the Philippines
  • Made from fresh coconut blossom juice
  • Light fruity acid
  • Low in sodium
  • Free of preservatives
  • fruity taste with a perfect combination of sweetness and acidity
What do I do with Coconut Blossom Vinaigrette? in german.

Coconut blossom vinaigrette is the harmony of coconut blossom vinegar and coconut blossom syrup. Made from coconut blossom juice. Letting these two components age together makes the taste of “nectar dream” so unique.

Coconut blossom vinegar is made from fresh coconut blossom juice. Just like coconut blossom sugar and coconut blossom syrup doesn´t taste of coconut. By nature the juice has a rather fruity and sweet flavor. This freshly harvested sap is also the basic ingredient for the vinegar.

The natural fermentation of the vinegar is followed by an at least 8-month-period of maturation. These conditions make our coconut blossom vinegar so extraordinary and not comparable to conventional coconut vinegar, that is often made of old coconut water.

Good to know:
Theoretically you could also make wine or beer out of coconut blossom sap. The product range of this commodity is much wider than anyone would have thought.

Anywhere and anytime! This at least is our motto!
Coconut blossom vinaigrettes are an asset in everyone´s kitchen. You can create the tastiest dressings in no time, because all you need to add is salt and pepper. They enhance marinades, give chutneys the special note, make quiches succulent and give fruit salads an exotic touch.

The bottom line is:
if a dish needs spicing up – this is your answer!

It is easily digestible, as the acid content is lower than in regular vinegars. Due to the full-bodied aroma it is the perfect condiment for nearly any type of dish. The secret lies within the low protein content that perfectly combines the acid with the sweetness.


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