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King Coconut Juice?

The King Coconut is solely used for drinking and in its home country it is lovingly called “thambili”, which means orange. With its bright orange hull it is indeed an eye-catcher. The juice it contains is incredibly aromatic, refreshing, isotonic and well known across the seas.

The combination of king coconut juice and only direct juices of fruits that have been pressed in the country of origin, makes this a unique, exotic and all-natural power drink.


6 good reasons to drink King Coconut Juice:

Nearly no other Water is so refreshing like cool and pure coconut juice.

  • No concentrates
  • Isotonic
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • Sweetness only from fruit – no sweeteners added
  • Contains up to 10 times more potassium than regular mineral water


This organic king coconut juice (Cocos nucifera var. aurantiaca) is a true rarity.

It comes from Sri Lanka and has been a much appreciated and valued drink for centuries. To date it is harvested by peasant farmers and processed in traditional craftsmanship.

The king coconut is only used for drinking and produces much more water than her better known green relatives that are often harvested too soon.

Apart from the king coconut our partners on Sri Lanka also harvest fruit such as pineapple and passion fruit which is the reason we offer our coconut juice in different, exotic, fruity, all-natural varieties.

Interesting fact:
In the past the pure coconut juice was used as an infusion solution (in lieu of blood serum) in case of emergencies because of its isotonic nature. There are no germs whatsoever inside a closed, intact coconut, because the purity inside is completely sealed off. Due to the same osmotic pressure we have in our body cells the coconut juice can´t dry out nor can the cells within burst. The natural sugar and mineral contents also contribute to making it refreshing and energizing.

In a bottle of Tropicai King Coconut Juice your will only find the water of a whole king coconut and nothing else!

It is by nature isotonic and low in calories. Furthermore it possesses a high share of potassium.

Tropicai coconut juice is completely devoid of any sort of preservatives or other additives. It´s the best there is if you are an athlete, have a hang-over, need some sort of refreshment during stressful office hours or if you just feel thirsty.

Try it out and enjoy!

Tip: Always enjoy it chilled! Even in its home country it remains rather cool inside its hull and therefore even more refreshing.



Aromatic king coconut juice, refined with fresh pineapple and passion fruit – for all those who love that fruity and exotic touch.

Since the fruit is directly pressed on site in Sri Lanka and free of any sort of chemical treatments or additives, the tastes can vary slightly due to the sweetness of the fruit. In your hands you are holding a pure, unadulterated product with the natural, subtle sweetness of tropical fruits.

Tip: Please shake well and enjoy chilled!

Freshly harvested king coconut water with a touch of hibiscus and water annona juice – for a wonderfully refreshing experience with a hint of sweetness.

Fresh hibiscus blossoms are being added to the coconut juice for flavour and removed before freshly squeezed annona juice is mixed into it. And there you have a wonderful combination of annona, hibiscus and coconut water.

Shake well and enjoy chilled as a summer punch or frozen as a yummy natural popsicle.


An isotonic drink is one that has the same minerals-water-ratio as the human blood, which means the osmotic value has the same tonicity as the human blood and can thus be digested extremely quickly. Often you find this in sports drinks to which carbohydrates and minerals, mainly such as sodium and glucose, have been added. In contrast the isotonic effect of coconut water is achieved in an all-natural way.

You can do more with it than you think.

Make summer punch, delicious jellies or lovely cocktails out of it. There are no limits to the imagination with our various flavors. Have a look at our recipes. We´ve got some great suggestions for you, e.g. make your own popsicles with our pineapple passion or annona hibiscus coconut juice mix. Just pop them into the freezer for about 6 hours and here comes the ultimate refreshment for a hot summer day.

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