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Chilled Coconut-Blueberry Tart

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Ingredients for 1 Person
Preparation time:
Required time: 20 Min.
Set-up time: 5 Min.
Cooking time: 60 Min.
Gesamtzeit: 85 Min.
250 g muesli (glutenfree)
100 g
50 g white chocolate coating
1 tbsp Organic Coconut Oil – Premium Quality
500 ml white chocolate coating
2 tsp Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar
vanilla pod
6 Blatt gelatin leaves
1 bowl blueberries
1 lime
fresh mint leaves

Line a cake tin or tart form with baking paper.


Blend muesli with a mixer.


Cut coconut paste and white chocolate coating into squares and melt in water bath. Stir well and work thoroughly into the muesli. Press mixture into tart form and place in the fridge for about 10 minutes.


Soak gelatin leaves in water. Put 3 tblsp of yoghurt into a small pan.


Put the rest of the yoghurt into a bowl together with the coconut blossom sugar and the vanilla. Mix well.


Heat the 3 tblsp of yoghurt in the saucepan. Gently press the water out of the gelatin and mix it into the yoghurt with a whisk until it is completely dissolved. Quickly work into the rest of the yoghurt. Carefully fold in the washed blueberries.


Pour yoghurt mixture into the tart form and allow to set and chill in the fridge for about 1 hour.


Decorate with lime zest and fresh mint leaves.

சுவையான சுவை தேர்வாளர்

“Yummy” in Tamil

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