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Delicate coconut-basil-pesto

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Ingredients for 4 Persons
Preparation time:
Required time: 10 Min.
Set-up time: 3 Min.
Gesamtzeit: 13 Min.
1 bunch basil
100 g Organic Creamed Coconut
3 tblsp Organic Coconut Oil – Premium Quality
1 tblsp Organic Coconut Blossom Vinaigrette
“Nectar Dream”
1 tsp sea salt
black pepper

Slowly melt coconut paste and virgin coconut oil in a water bath and mix well. Make sure temperature is not too high.



Wash basil, dry and remove stems.



Put it in a blender together with coconut paste mixture, coconut blossom vinaigrette, sea salt and freshly ground pepper and process to a pesto.



This pesto makes a tasty sauce for pasta, starters and barbecues.



Coconut oil and coconut paste melt when heated and set when cooled off. If you want to make delicious coconut butter, pour the warm pesto into ice cube tray and chill in fridge (not in freezer). Chop with a sharp knife before serving.

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