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Coconut Water-Riesling-Jelly

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Ingredients for 4 Persons
Preparation time:
Required time: 10 Min.
Set-up time: 3 Min.
Cooking time: 60 Min.
Gesamtzeit: 73 Min.
350 ml Organic King Coconut Water
80 ml Riesling (German white wine)
1 tbs agar
1 lime
fresh mint leaves

Pour coconut water and Riesling into a saucepan and stir in agar.



Bring to a boil and simmer for about 2 minutes while constantly stirring.



Allow to cool off for 5 minutes and pour the liquid into 4 dessert bowls.



Place them in the fridge and let them chill for 1 hour.



Decorate with slices of lime and mint leaves.



This dessert also looks and tastes lovely with edible blossoms, such as lavender or sage

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