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Summerly coconut blossom ketchup

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Ingredients for 1 Person
Preparation time:
Required time: 15 Min.
Set-up time: 10 Min.
Cooking time: 40 Min.
Gesamtzeit: 65 Min.
700 g pureed tomatoes
100 ml Organic Coconut Blossom Vinaigrette
“Exotic Blossom”
2 small chilis
4 cloves
1 small stick of cinnamon
6 EL Organic Coconut Blossom Syrup
1 ½ TL seasalt

Place pureed tomatoes in a small saucepan together with coconut blossom vinaigrette and chopped chilies. Stir well.



Put cloves and cinnamon stick into a teabag and then into the pot.





Bring tomato sauce to a boil and mix in the coconut blossom syrup. Let sauce simmer and thicken at medium heat for about 40 minutes.




Rinse out a bottle with hot water.



Season sauce with salt and fill into the bottle and close tightly immediately.




The ketchup keeps in the fridge for about 4 weeks.

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